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A Season Pass May Be Used For Assassin’s Creed III’s DLC

For one foolish reason or another, I never thought I’d see a Season Pass in an Assassin’s Creed title. But thanks to a note sent to GameStops around the world regarding the newest entry in the series, it seems like Ubisoft is planning to add that very thing.

Kotaku was sent a photo of the aforementioned note that details how the developer/publisher has made a new team whose sole purpose is to make DLC for the game. Apparently, this DLC will be so awesome and plentiful that Ubisoft thinks a Season Pass is the best thing to do. The note also thanks GameStop for helping them sell a bunch of copies; because they really needed that in order to do better business.

No idea if the DLC will be a combination of both single and multiplayer or if it’ll heavily favor one over the other, but ‘Episodic Content’ was definitely a term that was used. Last I checked, episodic content was more of the single player variety.

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