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Ada Wong Campaign Revealed, Agent Hunt Mode Gameplay Trailer

It would seem that Ada Wong is going to be joining the current cast of Resident Evil 6 characters via her very own, separate campaign, This reveal comes from Capcom, who has put out two new gameplay trailers. One featuring Ada Wong who is eqipped with a Crossbow and taking on her own set of the undead and the other gives us our first look at the new Agent Hunt Mode.

Agent Hunt will allow other players to jump into your game and take control of the enemy zombies and try their best to take you out while you play the game as normal. The mode will only be unlocked after you finish one of the 3 main campaigns and is also optional; so you don’t have to worry about people giving you a hard time while you’re trying to enjoy the game. Additionally, up to 4 people–2 playing as the main characters and 2 as the enemy–can play at a time. Imagine the Versus mode from Left 4 Dead where up to 8 people can play together with 4 being the survivors and 4 being the special infected.

Resident Evil 6 has a release date of October 2nd.

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