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Capcom’s New IP Remember Me Is One To Keep An Eye On

Not content on letting Ubisoft have the only fancy looking new IP, Capcom’s revealed their own new IP set for release during May of 2013. Called Remember Me (not to be confused with that movie), this sci-fi action-adventure title is set in Neo Paris, 2048, where a person’s memory is a simple thing to acquire; should you have the funds necessary to do so. Your character, Nilin, has become a victim of her own craft as she’s had her own memory wiped and is now out to do what any rational person who can play with memories would do: find out who did it, why, and mess with as many memories as needed. If I may quote Red Vs. Blue for a minute: “Memory is the key.”

Remember Me may be a new IP, but it certainly looks as though it’s taking bits and pieces from some other well known titles. To start, it kinda feels like Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs, at least, in terms of tone and how technology has not only evolved, but is being used in new and impressive ways. Then we have the climbing that resembles Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed. You can also make the connection between AC and Remember Me due to the fact that it deals with memories; albeit in a different way. Whereas Assassin’s Creed used memories to relive the distant past of your ancestors, Remember Me is more about seeing and altering a person’s memories in addition to retrieving useful info.

That’s Remember Me’s selling point, really. It’s Memory Remix feature. Thanks to society forgoing all privacy, Nilin can peer into her target’s mind, pick out the memory she wants like some kind of mental grocery store, and then have her way with it; the person may never even know she was around to do it. The simple concept of being able to do that is stupidly exciting because there are a myriad of ways to tell a story about it. And with Nilin being a fugitive, she’s easily putting herself at risk by simply walking the street, let alone stealing someone’s memories. Fortunately, should she ever get into a fight, she’s more than prepared.

As Polygon described from one of the game’s short demos, Nilin has the ability to augment the world around her as she, in one situation, makes an elevator lower itself so that she could use it to her advantage. In another, she overloads a guard’s mind to the point that he loses consciousness and later uses an attack that can put whole groups of guards to sleep. This is all in addition to her martial arts training, which I’m convinced she learned in the same way Neo learned how to fight in The Matrix.

Capcom’s Remember Me, which is being developed by Paris developer DONTNOD Entertainment, shows a lot of promise with its take on memory and its setting and currently has me excited. There’s sure to be more to show from the new IP in the future—we’ve got plenty of time until May of next year—but I think we’re all okay with waiting for Remember Me to come out with those new, still unannounced, next-gen systems.

Oh wait, Remember Me is a current gen title? Well how about that.

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