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Primecast Episode 27 – Goodnight Sweet Prince


















Hey all, it’s a somber but FUN episode this week as we send off our fearless leader Chris Stewart. He’s been our EiC for a long while now and is now moving on. So to send him out we talk about Sound Shapes and more, as well as Zynga and EA going head to head in legal battle. With a touching ending giving our origin story. Take a swing at it.

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John Callahan has been a fan of video games since the second he laid eyes on Mega Man X way back in 1993. Since then it's been his (let's say hobby) of choice. If you can think of a major gaming console, he has it. If you can think of a game, there's a good chance he's played it. He started a gaming website back in 2010 called Gamerzitch, left that to work at The Gamer Studio, and has now found a new home as news writer and host of the Primecast at Default Prime. He also loves Lost and Prince.

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