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New Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots

Grand Theft Auto V has been anticipated for over four years now. With rumors swirling seemingly non-stop as to when the release date will be, there has not been much hard evidence in regards to what the game contains. This week, twelve new screenshots were released that serve as a glimpse inside the inevitable hit title.

These screenshots do not really surprise me in the fact that the game will put action and excitement at the player’s fingertips, limited only by their imagination. There are a few photos that I am most excited about… The fighter jet looks amazing. Flying helicopters and planes in past games was always enjoyable, and with a more powerful plane the mayhem can be ramped up even more. The prospect of using a jet plane in a campaign opens up creative doors for some enjoyable missions as well.

The tennis and dirt bike racing photos really intrigue me. Presumably, there will probably be a dirt bike race within some campaign mission, but I love games that put extraneous side games in just for fun. I would assume that the tennis is playable at anytime within the game, and although the mechanics will probably not be fantastic, I will definitely still attempt it. These screenshots immediately remind me of Grand Theft Auto IV  “Gobble Gobble” achievement which was awarded for bowling a turkey at the bowling alley. It was something that had absolutely no impact on the game or story, but served as a fun hidden gem and really immersed me in the game’s world – plus helped me gain some gamer score.

I respect how Rockstar is sticking to its roots. I respect developers who take what they have done in the past and continue that into subsequent titles. The photo of the Cheeta car is something so simple, but to me is really cool. Instead of coming up with entirely new cars, Rockstar is fusing past titles to GTAV by using the same name of the cars, but with  updated bodies. In my mind this melds the universes of past titles in the franchise together, and really serves to immerse me in the world.

The overall gist that I am getting from these new screenshots is that Grand Theft Auto V is going to be a beautiful game aesthetically. The shot of the parachuting person over the canyon looks vivid and expansive. Juxtaposed with the men on the dock with the city in the background, I think this iteration of the franchise will not only be the best graphically, but also the most diverse. There has always been different terrains within the Grand Theft Auto games, but I would predict that the new environments will be bigger and more varying that ever seen before.

On a related side note, comparison between games is something I believe is inevitable and good for the industry as a whole. The obvious comparison to Grand Theft Auto is the Saints Row franchise. These screenshots immediately conjured images of what was done within Saints Row: The Third and I am curious as to see how GTAV will do each aspect differently. Saints Row: The Third was so over-the-top that it was obvious the game was a joke, not to be taken to seriously. GTA has never had that tone to it; instead it has a much more gritty feel. I am most curious to see how the same elements in each game will play so differently. Obviously, each style can still be successful, but the comparison of style is very interesting.

Lucas has evolved in his video game preferences. With a foundation in predominantly sports game, action adventure games are now his favorite to play. He is a competitive swimmer and likes to play volleyball, basketball, and golf.

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