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Review | Orcs Must Die! 2

Most movies, books, graphic novels, and videogames in a fantasy setting realize the importance of including Orcs and the urgency of killing them. Robot Entertainment’s Orcs Must Die! 2 cuts right to the chase and delivers tower defense gameplay mixed with strategic third-person action all in the name of meeting Orcs that really must die. With an all-new 2 player co-op mode, classic levels, and a simple yet effective upgrade system, it’s hard to run out of activities in this monster slaying adventure. Grab a blunderbuss and a hammer, it’s time to go Orc hunting and do that thing to them that makes them stop moving.

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Little David Galanter grew up in Orange County, CA loving videogames and anything else that repelled girls. After getting his Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts, David decided to start contributing his soft silky words to the world via online media. He currently owns a website with a weekly podcast ( and is a reviewer for Default Prime!

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