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Review | Sound Shapes

Throughout the entire playthrough of Sound Shapes, it’s incredibly easy to compare Sony’s latest platformer experiment to the Nintendo DS title Electroplankton. A niche musical toolbox, Electroplankton was a bizarre little title, one that brought creativity to the table but never seemed like a game. It had a fine amount of design choices tuned towards creating music from something full of purity and nature, but it was a toy more than a full-fledged game, one where goals and objectives never really came to fruition. Sound Shapes is what Electroplankton could have been; Sony’s latest exclusive sheds the amorphous skin of novelty and truly makes a game out of music. Though Sony’s user-generated fervor will likely gently push aside thirsty gamers looking for a hardened gameplay-based challenge, Sound Shapes is something bright and original. By seamlessly mixing a natural platformer construction with a universally musical vibe, Sound Shapes is a joyous ride that must be seen and heard to be believed.

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