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Review | Worms Revolution

1995 saw the introduction of a 2D, turn based, strategic artillery game called Worms on the Amiga. The bizarre mix of cartoon invertebrates exercising precision-shooting with bazookas and grenades made for a game that was light-hearted and deep in strategy. This initial iteration spawned many sequels and even a few offbeat 3D installments that never sold as well as their two-dimensional brethren. After a couple of new releases on this generation’s consoles, Team 17 is on the brink of releasing Worms: Revolution in a brand new 2.5D style hoping to soak in the benefit of three dimensions while retaining its classic 2D gameplay. With 32 single player missions, 20 puzzles, four unique character classes, brand new physics objects, and classic multiplayer gameplay, this outing has everything it needs to satisfy fans without showing them something they’ve already seen.

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