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Review | Borderlands 2

With its cel-shaded aesthetic and unique approach to the FPS, Borderlands left a huge mark on the gaming industry when it was released in 2009. While other shooters were capping off their gameplay with huge confrontations and a massive emphasis on set-pieces, the brand-new IP from Gearbox focused on cooperative gameplay and a Diablo-esque infatuation with loot. While challenging the FPS monsters like Call of Duty was ambitious (some might say suicidal), Borderlands had enough gameplay creativity and style to become a commercial success. No better proof of Borderlands’ strong following was the anticipation for the sequel. Drop the bass, Vault Hunters: Borderlands 2 is more a refinement than a revolution, but once you’re up to your neck in loot, you’ll be having too much fun to worry about that.

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