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Review | 99 Spirits

99 Spirits is developed by TORaIKI, and delivered to us by Fruitbat Factory, an independent Japanese company whose stated goal is to bring Japanese indie games to an English-speaking audience. This is Fruitbat Factory’s second attempt to localize a Japanese game, following in the footsteps of their warmly-received 2012 title, War of the Human Tanks. Once again, Fruitbat Factory is aiming to bring English speakers an original experience, though taking on a puzzle-RPG this time around, instead of a strategy-heavy game like Human Tanks. At the same time, 99 Spirits happens to be every bit as story-driven as Fruitbat Factory’s last localized game, and the ambitious attempt here to deliver a fully developed plot within the confines of an indie game is breathtaking. But it’s a very good attempt overall, striking true in almost every way.

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