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Review | Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Nintendo’s 3DS gets yet ANOTHER game, and that would be Animal Crossing….in 3D

Among every other amazing game that has been announced for the 3DS, Animal Crossing was among them. Now, not too


Looks like Club Nintendo members of Japan get…yeah, Mario and Animal Crossing bamboo fans

Club Nintendo in Japan is always something to be jealous of. Whether you’re a Nintendo fan or not, you’ve gotta


Hold Your Shit With a Box That’s Decorated With….Animal Crossing Wallpaper!?

Japan’s got some more than interesting things for their Club Nintendo lineup of things you can get, most of those


It’s a trap

From the Japanese Nintendo’s Animal Crossing page:

Club Nintendo: Animal Crossing Playing Cards Just Arrived!

Yep, I ordered my Club Nintendo Animal Crossing game cards about a week ago, and here they are! They pretty


N-word used in Animal Crossing PR gaffe

Nintendo, in an effort to promote the recently released Animal Crossing: City Folk with 2005’s Animal Crossing: Wild World for