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Married Let’s Play! Orcs Must Die! 2

Recently, Bowlingotter and LissySandwich took to the exciting 3rd-person-shooter, tower-defense mash-up known as Orcs Must Die! 2 for some Let’s


Let’s Play Dead Space 3 Co-op Part 7

Part 7 in the ongoing Let’s Play Co-op series through Dead Space 3 with Bowlingotter and Torchdragon.

Let’s Play Dead Space 3 Co-op Part 5

Part 5 in the ongoing co-op Let’s Play series with Bowlingotter and Torchdragon.

Let’s Play Dead Space 3 Co-op Parts 3 and 4

Two more episodes of Let’s Play Dead Space 3 Co-op from The Bowlingotter Show!

Dead Space 3 Official E3 2012 Announcement Trailer

Dead Space 3 is now, officially, a thing; and it’s going to have co-op with your partner being John Carver.


Dead Space 3 Has Co-Op and Snow

After a week of leaks, rumors, and confirmations, its officially official– Dead Space 3 is a thing.  And Isaac Clarke


Is There a Hint of Co-Op in These Dead Space 3 Screenshots?

Welp…I guess Dead Space 3 is a real thing. That is, if these leaked screens are anything to go by.


On Mass Effect 3: I Want More From The Multiplayer

It’s been about a week since I finished Mass Effect 3 with my main Shepard character, and in the week


Syndicate Screenshots are Black, White, Yellow and Have X-Ray Vision

In Syndicate you have the ability (or skill/augmentation?) to see the skeletal structure of other people around you. This shows


Mass Effect 3 – Special Forces Co-Op Trailer

I wasn’t too happy about the announcement that Mass Effect 3 was going to have multiplayer. Actually, a lot of