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10 Horrors of Video Game Box Art

Advertising a game can be a complicated affair. While companies put in millions of dollars of work and resources into


Bowlingotter’s Top 10 Games of 2012

Bowlingotter counts down his picks for the 10 best games that he played last year.

Video Review | Papo & Yo

Bowlingotter reviews the PSN-exclusive puzzle platformer, Papo & Yo!   Click here to watch the video!  

Primecast Episode 17, “Summertime Gaming, Gaming in the Summer(time)”

What’s this?  Two late episodes of the Primecast in a row?  Are things changing?  No, it just been a busy


A New Challenger Has Appeared New Challenger: Glimpse

Thank goodness, Skyrim has been patched on PlayStation 3! I can finally go back and rediscover the grumbling hulk that


Nordic Game Indie Night Announced!

The Nordic Game Indie Night Showcase has been announced! The details of the Nordic Game Indie Night have been released, with


Dragonsphere jpg Giving Away a Good Old Game: Dragonsphere FREE on GOG.com

Leave it to GOG.com to do something awesome again. Gloriously dedicated to old-school PC games from over the last two


Sony has to justify buying a PSPgo, so if you pick one up you’ll get 10 free games

The PSPgo isn’t going over so well with people. It’s overpriced, for an extra little cash you can get a