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Five Gaming Culture Personalities to Know

Video games have become something of their own among the lip-syncing viral videos and random cat pictures that litter the


Why Indie Gaming is the Next Generation of Video Games

It’s hard to believe that this console generation began back in the year 2005 with the Xbox 360. Microsoft’s second


Video Review | Papo & Yo

Bowlingotter reviews the PSN-exclusive puzzle platformer, Papo & Yo!   Click here to watch the video!  

Primed and Ready: A Coming of Age

Hi there again. Because of a new thought that came to mind, I would like to talk about a few


New Challenger: E3 – Electronic Entertainment Ennui

For months now my copy of Gran Turismo 5 has been giving me dirty looks from the dark corner of


OnLive OnLive Gets a Bit More Social

If you’re not familiar with OnLive, it’s true cloud gaming. Through the service, you play games that are hosted on


A conversation on anime, manga, and games

While I don’t consider myself an anime “buff”, so to speak, I am definitely a fan. I hold a strong


Motivational Picture of the Day: Gaming

It’s true, and anyone that hates on gamers, and what we do in our free time can go shove it