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Review | Machinarium (PS3)

Machinarium, the critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure title released by Amanita Games in 2009, has recently been ported to the Playstation


Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail Tech to Revolutionize Graphics

Unlimited Detail, which hypothetically allows for the inclusion of an infinite number of polygons–will increase the polygon count in games by a factor of over 100,000, seeking to do away with “polygon budgets” entirely; an unprecedented graphical revolution.

New Challenger: Graphics On The Back Burner

To look impressive now, games have to really push the envelope of realistic visuals. Sure, games could look better, but


Do Uncharted 2 Graphics Rival that of Real Life?

Some people at NeoGaf has taken graphics screenshots from Uncharted 2 and compares them to images of real life. The


The Greatest Graphics of All Time…Just like Fine Wine

IGN has put together a nice list of the greatest in gaming. This isn’t necessarily the nicest looking graphics of


Are Games Actually Getting TOO Realistic?

So, a relatively new debate has come to rise, and this is, “are graphics too realistic”. Man, it seemed like


Will Nintendo Step-Up the Graphics in the Wii 2?

The Wii, it’s the pinacle of our entertainment and gaming civilization today. It has sold more than both the Xbox


Does it really matter if the PS3’s graphics surpass the 360’s in 2009?

Ever since the launch of the PlayStation 3, it and the Xbox 360 have been competing in the graphics department.