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Video Review | The Swapper

Bowlingotter reviews The Swapper for the PC from developer Facepalm Games. Click here to watch the video!

Review | Retro/Grade

The traditional rhythm game genre may have crashed in 2008, but it’s experiencing a minor resurgence with games like the


Why Indie Gaming is the Next Generation of Video Games

It’s hard to believe that this console generation began back in the year 2005 with the Xbox 360. Microsoft’s second


Review | Squids

The choice of porting an iOS game to PC can often lead to both technical and gameplay issues. It is


Zeno Clash II Headed to PSN and XBLA

The first person fantasy brawler brought to us by ACE Team, Zeno Clash, is getting a sequel, and this time


Review | Vessel

Vessel places you in the role of Arkwright, an inventor who has helped the technological advancement of his steampunk world


Indie Game Highlight: Yeti Hunter

  On this week’s Indie Game Highlight, I go on a hunt to find a mysterious and wild beast… the


Super Meat Boy Remake Coming to iOS, Binding of Isaac Update

Edmund McMillen tweeted last night some details about some stuff that Team Meat is currently working on bringing to the


Polytron Hints at Imminent Release of Fez With ESRB Rating

If you’ve been following the indie game scene as of late, then it should come as no surprise that space


Pixeljunk Games Headed to Steam Starting with Eden

The Pixeljunk series of games are personally some of my favorite games on the PS3 and stand out as some