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Review | 99 Spirits

99 Spirits is developed by TORaIKI, and delivered to us by Fruitbat Factory, an independent Japanese company whose stated goal is


Video Review | The Swapper

Bowlingotter reviews The Swapper for the PC from developer Facepalm Games. Click here to watch the video!

Video Review | Prime World: Defenders

Bowlingotter reviews the PC version of Prime World: Defenders from developer Nival. Click here to watch the video!

Review | Cities in Motion 2

Anyone who’s ever looked at a bus map before has either felt a great sigh of relief or a sudden


Let’s Play Dead Space 3 Co-op Part 7

Part 7 in the ongoing Let’s Play Co-op series through Dead Space 3 with Bowlingotter and Torchdragon.

Let’s Play Dead Space 3 Co-op Part 2

Now finished with the prologue, Bowlingotter and Torchdragon get to assume the roles of Isaac and Carver to see what’s


The BS Update! Otter Talk and Married Borderlands

A couple of new updates from The Bowlingotter Show! First, we have an episode of Otter Talk discussing the announcement


Let’s Play TWOsday!

Thanks to the holidays, there was a bit of lull in keeping up with the Married Borderlands series. So today,


Review | Machinarium (PS3)

Machinarium, the critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure title released by Amanita Games in 2009, has recently been ported to the Playstation