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The ‘Original’ Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 Would’ve Been Interesting to Watch

[Alternate Title: “I Kinda Wanted the Xbox One to Stay As it Was”] You know, I really wanted Microsoft to


Current Gen or Next Gen: When should a game be released on both sets of consoles?


They May Be a Ways Off, But it’s Good to See Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts III

After Square Enix came on stage during the PlayStation Meeting way back in February, you kinda expected them to have


E3 2013 | Sony Conference Live Blog

Welcome all to Default Prime’s LiveBlog of the Sony Conference for E3 2013.  What will the box look like?  Will


Next Gen Consoles are Killing the Nostalgia Factor

With the XBox One and PlayStation 4 announcements behind us, we are gradually learning more and more about Microsoft’s and


Primecast 53 – WTF, Nintendo?

Default Prime’s official podcast, the Primecast, is broadcast Live every Saturday on The Bowlingotter Show’s twitch.tv channel at twitch.tv/bowlingotter. Editor-in-chief


PlayStation 2013 Press Conference – Stream & LiveBlog

Welcome all to Default Prime’s LiveBlog of the Sony Conference for February 20, 2013. The question on everyone’s minds is


Primecast Episode 11, “Hey John”

Good evening listners, especially those of you on the West Coast where it is still technically evening.  You know what


Prime Cut: PlayStation 4 Codename Orbis and Rumors

  Sorry for the lateness of this video, this was due to some late issues I found. On this episode


PlayStation 4 Rumors Surface, Codenamed Orbis

I don’t know what sources Kotaku has or how those same sources manage to stay anonymous, but now Kotaku has