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Video Review | The Swapper

Bowlingotter reviews The Swapper for the PC from developer Facepalm Games. Click here to watch the video!

Video Review | Prime World: Defenders

Bowlingotter reviews the PC version of Prime World: Defenders from developer Nival. Click here to watch the video!

Married Let’s Play! Orcs Must Die! 2

Recently, Bowlingotter and LissySandwich took to the exciting 3rd-person-shooter, tower-defense mash-up known as Orcs Must Die! 2 for some Let’s


Review | Cities in Motion 2

Anyone who’s ever looked at a bus map before has either felt a great sigh of relief or a sudden


Primecast 51 – We All Love Valve

Default Prime’s official podcast, the Primecast, is broadcast Live every Saturday on The Bowlingotter Show at youtube.com/bowlingotter. Editor-in-chief Alex Carlson


The BS Update! Otter Talk and Married Borderlands

A couple of new updates from The Bowlingotter Show! First, we have an episode of Otter Talk discussing the announcement


Let’s Play TWOsday!

Thanks to the holidays, there was a bit of lull in keeping up with the Married Borderlands series. So today,


Gaming Goals of 2013

With 2012 over and all of 2013 ahead of us, it’s that time when we all decide ,once and for


Primecast 32 – Real ID and Internet Names

Hey Primecast Listeners! Hope you guys are having a great Monday and if not then how’s about I deliver a


Meet the Pyro and Valve Reveals New Source FilmMaker

There are many reasons why Team Fortress 2 is beloved by everyone who inhabits the interwebs; it was made free