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Persnickety Perspective: A Beautiful Death?

Though death is an inevitable part of life, most of us take it for granted until it is knocking on


Kingdom Hearts 3D, Paper Mario & More Are Going to Be Available in Digital Form

If the above image–which┬áis but one of the many images in Nintendo’s Analyst Q&A Presentation–is anything to go by, Nintendo


On Nintendo’s Wii U – I Think I Can Wait

If there was one company who had a conference at E3 this year that I was most excited for, it


Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Trailer Brings in New Characters

Remember that fan made game that let you play as Link, Samus and MegaMan in a Super Mario Bros. world?


Is that a Luma I see in the new Super Mario Galaxy 2 logo?

If you take a close look at the logo above and you’ve seen the older logo that was released, you


Uncensored Version of Seth MacFarlane’s Super Mario Cartoon

[flashvideo file=videos/macfarlanemario.flv /]