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Current Gen or Next Gen: When should a game be released on both sets of consoles?


E3 2013 | Ubisoft Conference Live Blog

Welcome all to Default Prime’s LiveBlog of the Ubisoft Conference for E3 2013.  Watch_Dogs may be on everyone’s minds, but


This is the end. Of the world. Ooooooooooooooooh! New Challenger: 3 Reasons Why Gaming Will Destroy Itself Part 3

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you the final part in my trilogy of articles about why gaming


Ubisoft May Be Hoping to Make a Watch_Dogs Movie in the Future

Its been 2 weeks since Ubisoft unveiled it’s new IP, Watch_Dogs, at E3 2012. The game has had many people


Best of E3 2012 Awards

E3 is our favorite time of year, and there’s no wonder, from the demos and trailers to the announcements and


Sonycentric: E3 Announcements That Have Gone Astray

E3 is a magical time, full of amazing announcements, phenomenal screen shots, videos, and hands-on time with all the games


Do Want: Watch_Dogs

Of all the exciting displays at E3 2012, there has been none so interesting to me as a brand new