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Video Review | State of Decay

Bowlingotter reviews State of Decay for the Xbox 360 from developer Undead Labs. Click here to watch the video!

Review | Castlestorm

Castlestorm asks the age old question: why build your castle right next door to your enemy’s? Because then you wouldn’t


Review | Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

The curse of the third installment strikes many a franchise. The Western-themed Call of Juarez series became such a victim


Review | Skulls of the Shogun

It is a good day to die for General Akamoto. Well, it isn’t at first. Being killed by an unknown


Review | Worms Revolution

1995 saw the introduction of a 2D, turn based, strategic artillery game called Worms on the Amiga. The bizarre mix of cartoon


Review | Rock Band Blitz

When Harmonix released Rock Band in 2007, we all knew that something big happened. Little did we know that our


Review | Mark of the Ninja

If you’ve heard of Klei Entertainment, you might recall an Xbox Live Arcade title called Shank released in 2010. Shank


XBLA’s Summer of Arcade Detailed With Prices and Release Dates

The next big batch of XBLA games is soon to be upon us with Xbox Live’s Summer of Arcade. Starting


Vidjagames with Alex Carlson – Episode 01: Dish…Washa!

While some games remain forgotten, others will rise from the ashes and get the spotlight in Default Prime’s newest video


Sonic 4 Episode II Brings Back Old School and New School Tails Co-Op

After the critical success of Sonic Generations, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Sega is trying to go