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Video Review | State of Decay

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Microsoft, It’s Time to Kill Off Gamerscore

Microsoft’s introduction of the Xbox 360’s Achievement system was something of significance to the console’s generation. While many games before


Review | Lollipop Chainsaw

Goichi Suda, better known by the moniker Suda 51, can only be defined as a mad genius. He breaks rules,


$99 Xbox 360 Program Expanding Locations

A few months ago Microsoft announced that there would be a $99 Xbox 360 bundle. Included in the bundle is


E3 So Far: Integrate ALL The Things!

So we’ve made it through another night of E3 and some serious trends are starting to emerge for the next


Dead Space 3 Has Co-Op and Snow

After a week of leaks, rumors, and confirmations, its officially official– Dead Space 3 is a thing.  And Isaac Clarke


Hands on With Holmes: Microsoft E3 Impressions

Well… that was certainly a thing.  With this generation of consoles definitely coming to its inevitable conclusion very soon (or


Twisted Pixel’s Next Game is LocoCycle, Has Cycles, No Loco Confirmed yet

Twisted Pixel, makers of indie classics Splosion Man and The Gunslinger, are returning once more to the 360 with the announcement


THE END IS NIGH ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!!!1!!one1!eleven!! New Challenger: 3 Reasons Why Gaming Will Destroy Itself Part 1

It’s been a confusing week of ups and downs; I tried to buy Diablo III twice, only to have problems


Review | Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Umbrella just won’t die, will it? Yes, Capcom’s zombie series epic Resident Evil is as perpetual as the zombie virus in those