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ZombiU – PTG

Bowlingotter reviews the Wii U-exclusive zombie-thriller ZombiU from Ubisoft in this edition of PTG.

The BS on the Wii U

Bowlingotter gives an overview of the Wii U system, as well as quick looks at Super Mario Bros. U and


Review | ZombiU

It happens with every system launch. There’s always that one game that promises to show off what the system can


Primecast Episode 23: “Summer Jams Edition”

Hey Primecast listeners! Guess what. I edited and am uploading the podcast this week. So…. well let’s just say that


ZombiU Hands-On Default Prime Gets Down And Dirty With ZombiU

I was lucky enough this week to get some time hands-on with ZombiU, the game that I was most excited