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It’s nigh time that we update the “About” page for Default Prime since it’s 2012 and you know, the last time it was updated was in 2009. #facepalm

Anyhow, we are Default Prime. We are a video game website that is going on it’s 4th anniversary, and has been covering the games industry every day of the year since it’s conception. We have grown from a one-man operation to a beast with many heads, and a staff of (currently) over 20. We are the first website created in the SlackrMedia network, and has grown greatly every year both in content and page views.

Default Prime now has a completely fresh look, and brings original content in the form of columns, podcasts, video series, and much more. We are partnered with Machinima to share video content, as well as Intergi, the largest advertising agency for gaming and information.

Enough boring talk about how great we are, here’s what our staff and readers think about Default Prime:

Default Prime is truly brilliant. Perhaps one of the greatest websites in the history of websites. Ever. (I’m not biased) – Keenan Payne

The design, content, staff, and readers make Default Prime what it is: a unique, thoughtful, and potent source of videogame content. Like Keenan, I am not bias. – Brad Tramel

Default Prime is my outlet for talking about video games as well as my best chance at taking over the world…if that’s still the plan anyway.  – Kyree Leary

Default Prime takes games seriously and isn’t about to fall victim to the oppressive hegemony of the anti-gaming circuit. – Alex Carlson

Default Prime is a place where I can inform people about my favourite hobby, as well as discuss it with the greatest community I’ve ever come across. – Joel Parker