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Author Since: 2012-05-09 06:08:21
Little David Galanter grew up in Orange County, CA loving videogames and anything else that repelled girls. After getting his Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts, David decided to start contributing his soft silky words to the world via online media. He currently owns a website with a weekly podcast (www.drgman.com) and is a reviewer for Default Prime!

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Articles Written by David

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    Booker DeWitt. The man who has been tasked with finding a girl named Elizabeth and bringing her back to New


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    “You’re a Croft.” Words confidently spoken by Lara’s mentor throughout the game. Words even she does not want to accept.


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    Labyrinth Legends is a top-down dungeon crawler (technically) full of solving puzzles, slicing apart enemies, and finding secrets all in the


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    David Galanter has some favorite games from 2012 to talk about. Here he goes! 10. SSX I never thought a


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