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1stateofdecaycoover State of Decay

castletitle Castlestorm

Castlestorm asks the age old question: why build your castle right next door to your enemy’s? Because then you wouldn’t


gunslingertitle Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

The curse of the third installment strikes many a franchise. The Western-themed Call of Juarez series became such a victim


bioshock_infinite_2 Bioshock Infinite

“He doesn’t ROW?!” a woman complains floating on a tiny, rickety boat in the ocean during a heavy storm. “No, he doesn’t row.” A


featured Skulls of the Shogun

It is a good day to die for General Akamoto. Well, it isn’t at first. Being killed by an unknown


Tomb_raider_2013_fan_made_wallpaper_2_by_mikky100-d520l5m Tomb Raider

“You’re a Croft.” Words confidently spoken by Lara’s mentor throughout the game. Words even she does not want to accept.


black-ops-2-logo Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call of Duty has become one of the most polarizing franchises in gaming. The competitive multiplayer system that took the


halo4_wordmark_onwhite_eps_jpgcopy Video Review | Halo 4

featured Borderlands 2

With its cel-shaded aesthetic and unique approach to the FPS, Borderlands left a huge mark on the gaming industry when


worms Worms: Revolution

1995 saw the introduction of a 2D, turn based, strategic artillery game called Worms on the Amiga. The bizarre mix