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Review Policy

Here at Default Prime, we’re firm believers in the idea that quality gameplay is the sum of all the elements that make up games. With that in mind, we focus on Narrative, Design, and Presentation in equal measure, paying special attention to the way these elements reflect and inform one another (or, in the case of bad games, the way they don’t.) When a game’s narrative informs its mechanics and level design, and both elements are supported by appropriate music and graphics, what results is engaging gameplay. When a game keeps its story and mechanics on opposite sides of a brick wall, and presents itself with photorealism and sweeping orchestral music when the other elements demand a more “cartoony” approach, what results is almost always terrible. Our reviewers try to go beyond simply stating that a game is bad and try to understand WHY it fails, where it went wrong in balancing and executing one or all these three crucial elements.

Universal rating system for all reviews

5 – Phenomenal – Reserved for GOTY material and only GOTY material

4.5 – Excellent – Awesome game in almost every way. Very hard to find negatives and is of the highest quality.

4 – Great – Easy to recommend to anyone, only a few minor things holding it back from a higher score

3.5 – Good – Solid title. Not ground-breaking, but has a lot to offer.

3 – Above Average – Decent. Better than your average title, but with its share of faults

2.5 – Average – Meh. Middle of the road. Hard to describe as “a good game,” but calling it straight-up “bad” would be a little harsh.

0 to 0.5 – Terrible – Reserved for the broken game, unplayable, literally doesn’t work.

Oh, and beyond that pretentious, artsy-fartsy bullshit, we try to convey whether or not the game is actually fun. That’s important too. We also rate games on a ten point scale, so feel free to skip our reviews entirely, simply read the score, and then bitch and moan about how we gave, say, Dead Rising 2 a 7/10, even though, according to our review metric, that means it’s GOOD. Shit. So if you don’t like our reviews, then you can just go and do this:

Instead of whining and bugging us about it. We’re not biased or have any predispositions to the games we at Default Prime review, we’re fair and honest (just like Fox news?).